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My Little Spirit Friend

My Little Friend
(to protect the identity's of both my guide and her family i have changed her name)

Since before i can remember i have always had "friends" that no one else was able to see. Of course my family put it down to me having a normal active imagination; they thought they were  typical imaginary friends.

There is one "friend" that I have always been able to remember a young dark haired girl that when i was young i would play with and talk to; for the purpose of this i will name her Angel.
Angel was always around me, in fact she was nearly with me constantly!.. We would sit in my room and talk, play with Dolly's and other toys, we would also play games like hide and seek, we sang songs and generally had lots of fun.
When it would be dinner time i would even ask mum to do her a plate of dinner, of course my mum told me not to be silly, thinking that she was just an imaginary friend.

As i got older i began to see more things that others couldn't, some things were not the nicest such as people hanging from trees and old nurses that just looked plain creepy. The strange thing was that whenever i saw something else Angel would suddenly be there, reassuring me and telling me things about what i was seeing. I would tell my mum about what i had seen and she in turn told one of my aunts who decided that i had nasty things following me around and took me to see a reverend from the local church.
Angel came with me and found the whole experience quite amusing, i was given a book to read called wardship down to try and help me understand about death and that type of thing. Of course my aunt and the reverend was so wrong and what i was seeing was not nasty things at all.

As time went on i began to open up more to my mum about what i was seeing, my main topic was that of Angel. I would tell my mum about her watching over me in my room at night and would describe her down to the last detail. I remember the first description i gave my mum of Angel, She was a young girl about 7 or 8 with long dark hair and she wore a silky white dress with a red ribbon around the middle tied in a bow and of course her name; angel. Mum would ask me questions and i would answer. At this point i think my mum was starting to feel that perhaps these things i could see were not as imaginary as she first thought.

My mum noticed that pictures of me were moving about, they would be in one place before bed and then moved to another by time she woke up. Angel told me it that it was visitors wanting to speak with my trying to get my attention, i however choose not to speak with the people i saw as it was quite scary at times.

One day mum asked me rather randomly weather Angel had any other names, i told her i didn't know and i would ask. So i turned to her and asked her if she had any other names. Angel told me her full name; first, middle and last. I told my mum the name she had given and my mums face dropped, the surprise in her face was unmistakable. Like she knew the name, then she asked me more questions to ask Angel.
How old are you?, why are you here?, and where are you berried?. I then realised what my mum was getting at but i was not scared.
I asked angel the questions and she gave the answers. She told me she was 8 and that she was there to look after me and to be my little friend. She was however somewhat reluctant to tell me where she was berried. I had to ask her a few times, she knew why my mum was asking this, my mum wanted to know that i nor she had gone mad. Angel finally told me how to get to her grave so i told my mum i would show her if she took me to a particular grave yard.

We arrived at the grave yard and we walked in, i followed the direction that Angel had given me and it led me to some baby's graves. Then i found the headstone that Angel had explained. I pointed to it and mum read the stone, Sure enough it was Angels name and the year that she has passed would make her 8 years of age. We went back home and nothing more was said on the subject, mum didn't ask anymore questions and neither did she overly pay attention when i would tell her that Angel had been to see me.

Some years later as i became older and went to secondary school i began to move my attention from Angel and i would do my own thing, like have friends round and that type of thing. She was still there though and i could still see and hear her however my interest just wasn't in her anymore. I was getting older and wanted real friends my own age, i no longer wanted to play with Dolly's. A couple of times Angel became jealous of her lack of attention and made her self very well known.

One night i had a friend stay over whom i hadn't seen in a very long while, all my attention was on my friend and i hadn't payed Angel any attention. Angel decided that it would be a good idea to throw a candle across the room, not to damage or hurt anyone but to get attention, and by gosh she did.. My friend freaked and ran downstairs to my mum who then comforted her. Meanwhile i was in hysterics as i had found it very amusing.

It was at this point that my mum began to ask questions again, however i was fed up of answering them so i dediced to ask Angel to proove to my mum that she was in fact there and knew what my mum was saying, so my mum asked Angel to make a bang on the cooker (it was a built in cooker on an end unit). Then there were about 4 knocks on the side of the cooker, done with some force. My mum ran to the next room and told me we were going, we were going to pack our things and just leave. I refused and told her that even if we did run away that Angel would just remain with us where ever we were, she went where i went. I reasured my mum that Angel would not hurt her and that everything was fine. It took my mum some time to calm down but when she did we were able to laugh about what had happened.

My mum began to accept that i had a very real little friend with me and i learnt that she would truly be there for me always. She has been an advisor, Protector and listener to me for all these years and i really hope that she will be here for me always.  Although i still see her as a small child i do not think of her as one in that way, for she is a very wise spirit and more knowledgeable than you could imagne.

So the next time any child tells you that they see someone that you or other people can not!!... remember not everything in a childs eyes is imaginery, they could very well have there very own little friend!

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My Crystal Skulls


Ostrid and Meti
My two Beautiful Crystal Skulls

Ostrid is the 1st of my two crystal skulls, He is 0.7 inches in size; a tiny one. He is made from the lovely crystal Boswana Agate.

Boswana Agate Crystal

Boswana agate is pale white or cream with Clean brown banding running rite through it, in my opinion one of the most attractive forms of agate.
The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history, it has been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times. 

It has many Uses:
~ Protection
~ Attraction of Strength
~ Protection from bad dreams
~ Guards against stress and energy drains
~ Helps change the level of acceptance regarding emotions
~ Aids stomach upsets
~ Helps to clarify things when an important decision is to be made

Places that source Agate: Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Egypt, India, China and Scotland.

Why Ostrid
I had been searching for a crystal skull for some years however i never had any jump out at me so i never ended up getting one.
I then discovered Skullis a professional company that specialised in creating crystal skulls; in my opinion they create the best ones!

I began looking through Skullis' web pages with the intention of purchasing an amethyst crystal skull; if i found one that i liked. However as i was scrolling through the mass pages of skulls i came across a picture of this tiny boswana agate one; it literally jumped out of the page at me;  as i was searching for an amethyst i carried on looking through the pages and ignored this stunning little thing.
Over the next couple of days all i could think about was this little boswana skull and i kept going back to the web page and just looking at it.
By this point i was referring to it as a "him" however at that time i didn't know why, i knew that crystal skulls were suppose to have a soul or energy within it however i wasn't aware of how real this was.

All i could think about was this tiny little skull, i even had dreams about me holding him. So i decided to follow the signs i was being given and decided i simply must have him.. so i clicked on the like to purchase him and it took me to e-bay, he had various bids on him so i didn't think i would get him in a million years, still it was worth a try and i was adamant now that i would have him, he was meant to be with me.
The night that the bidding was due to end i remained up insuring that my bid was always the highest, i waited up until gone 4 in the morning just to insure that he would be mine. Then the bidding ended and i was praying that no one had outbid me in the last second.. At that moment a notice appeared it was telling me i was the winning bidder, i literally lept from my sofa and had a little jig. Now all i would have to do is wait for him to arrive.

I looked to see how long it would take for me to receive him and it said 7-14 days, so i waited and then when the 7th day came i began waiting on the postman; all i could think about was his arrival. Every day i would run to the door when the postman arrived but nothing, i simply couldn't wait any longer. Then on the 12th day of waiting there was a knock at the door, it was the postman and he had a little parcel with him; could this be my boswana skull.
I opened the package with great care and indeed it was my skull i was sooo excited to finally have him in my hands, i could literally feel the vibrations coming from him and into my hand it was surreal. Then as i was sat there i heard a voice, it was a very masculine voice but extremely quiet; all it said was one word, i couldn't quite make it out.
I am very used to hearing strange voices so i was not scared, but more intrigued. 

The skull had arrived on a full moon so i decided that i would cleanse and charge the skull before i interacted with him, i kept him informed as to what i was doing. The next day i picked up the skull and rite away i head a shouting voice say "OSTRID" .. i just knew that this was the skulls name.. So from that moment i called him Ostrid.

I tried to find his name but was unable, it was then he told me that is was the masculine version of Astrid and outdated it also.. He informed me that his name was an ancient Nubian name and that he lived in the year 3850 BC, Nubia was a place that could be found running along side the river Nile not far from Egypt.
The Name meaning is that of Fair and Beautiful; He told me that his name Incorporated a message to me also, this i found quite lovely.

After more communication with Ostrid he informed me that we had known each other in a past life and that he has been waiting a very long time to be with me. He now helps to guide me and alerts me of dangers.. He is very knowledgeable and tells me such things that are both fascinating and wonderful. 

Meti is the 2nd of my two skulls, he is 1.6 inches in size and is lovely to hold as he fits perfectly in the hand. He is made From Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal (very powerful and used only with care)

Lapis Lazuli is dark blue and white in colour with gold specks running through it. Such a beautiful combination of colour.
The very earliest cultures valued lapis lazuli more highly than gold; this crystal was used allot by the Ancient Egyptians; a symbol of truth to them, they even berried it with there dead to offer them protection in the form of a scarab beetle.

Its Uses are:
~ Bring matters more clearly to the mind when used in meditation
~ Can help you become a channel
~ Cleansing of certain body parts (used by healer only)
~ Opens many of the chakra centres

Places that source Lapis Lazuli: Chile, the Soviet Union, the United States and mountains of Afghanistan.

Why Meti

I decided it was time to find a friend for Ostrid rather than having him lonely on the shelf when i wasn't using him, i remembered the shop skullis and how fabulous there skulls were so decided to take a look on there shop once again, this time with no particular crystal in mind just the hope of having one jump out at me, there was a lot of beautiful skulls however i didn't particularly feel that i was drawn to any, so i left the on line store and felt pretty gutted.

I looked on the on line shop various times over the next few weeks but there was still nothing; so i decided to email them to see if they had anything new that they could show me. In the reply i had there was several images of crystals that they had coming up i immediately noticed the lapis and fell in love with his colouring and shape; he was remarkable. I felt a pull towards him and decided that it was a sign and i let skulls know i was interested in him. They let me know the price of him and it was somewhat more expensive than i could afford but i simply had to have him, i couldn't let money be an object.. so i told them how i felt and that i simply must have him but explained that i couldn't afford him at that point,; to my relief they very kindly agreed to keep him until i was able to pay!.. During the period of me saving up to get him i kept in contact with skullis and they send me more photos of him. The photos i recieved made me more adamant that it was him i was suppose to have.

After i had managed to save up enough money i messaged skills to let them know i was sending payment and they then shipped the stunning lapis lazuli skull by special mail.. i only had to wait 5 days this time.. i could hardly contain myself one i knew he had been shipped, after all that waiting he was finally on his way, so exciting. Once again i awaited for the delivery and spot on the 5th day there was a knock at the door it was a Currier, and i just knew that it was my new skull.

I opened the box carefully and removed all the padding, there he was "wow" he was beyond what i had seen in the pictures. He was breathtaking.
He didn't speak with me or utter anything to me when i 1st held him, he just seemed to get very warm... i decided to cleanse and charge him before he was used so i put him away until the next full moon; luckily i only had to wait 3 days.

Once he has cleansed and charged i decided to sit and hold him and just talk to him, he didn't reply, he didn't make noise all he did was make me warmer. I decided to pop him on the shelf next to Ostrid, it was then that i heard a noise, it sounded a bit like a mouse squeaking. I asked Ostrid to work with the new addition and see what was wrong and why i couldn't connect with him. Some days later i held Ostrid and he told me that the new skull was called Meti and that he was weighing me up, he wanted to know i was going to be good to him and not use him for anything negative. Ostrid said he had assured him i was good and that i wouldn't never miss use him.

That night i took them both to bed with me and placed them on the bedside table. I said good night to them both and shut my eyes, it was at that point i 1st heard Meti speak "OK i give in" i heard. I knew it was him rite away, i spoke back to him and he began to speak at ease, he told me how he knew Ostrid in a past life and how he had been awaiting to re-connect with him, he then mentioned that i had met him one time before but that i wasn't very nice in that lifetime!.. That is why he was wary of me. As time went on we spoke more an he began to be very protective of me and he also helped me to channel spirits.

I later looked into what his name meaning was however i was not able to find his name meaning, so i asked him and he told me that Meti was just a name that he liked being called and that is true name was Mitali and it means friendship. He was previously an Indian and this is how we crossed paths before, unfortunately he was unable to give me a date just kept mentioning the year of snakes. I have not looked into this as of yet.

Meti now has a place on the shelf next to ostrid however i speak with him often as he warms my hands.